Friday, October 20, 2006

Proponents of offshoring and importing cheap foreign labor, including President Bush, keeps harping on the fact that Americans are NOT properly educated for today's technology jobs.

I say it's pure Horse SH*T!

Lets talk about education...
I am college-educated, with Bachelor and MS degrees in business.

In my experience as an insider at a large US-based multinational company, we were giving on-the-job TRAINING to the imported Indian workers.

Make no mistake, the education button is about justifying cheap foreign labor. I'll update this posting soon with some links to back up this statement.

Here's one for you:
The American Council on Education now says that it is a BAD thing that the U.S. colleges and universities are losing market share of international students to other countries.

I personally don't see this as such a big problem, particularly when you consider the fact that, particularly in the case of state institutions, American TAXPAYERS subsidize a considerable amount of the educational costs, even taking into account the fact that foreign students pay out-of-state tuition. However, the highly influential professors of our colleges and universities are now upset...what a shame that they aren't concerned about educating AMERICANS.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Offshoring Haiku

American loss
Jobs gone to Asia now
Never coming back